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Always exercise caution; carefully follow the warnings and instructions in the manual provided with the Seascooter:

Always use the Seascooter under experienced supervision.

Children always require adult supervision & must wear a Personal Floatation device(PFD) at all times. Never stick body parts, clothing or other objects in the vicinity of the propeller.

Do not wear loose or flowing clothing or equipment that could be drawn into the propeller. Pay special attention to always keep wetsuit zip-pulls safely away from The SEADOO® SEASCOOTER™.

Particular care should be exercised when using the sea scooter near anybody with long hair. Users with long hair should tie it up or wear a swimming cap when using the Seascooter.

Always inspect the swimming area to ensure it is free of hazards or obstacles such as toys, floating debris, boats and swimmers before using the sea scooter.

Do not use the Seascooter under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Treating the Seascooter with care will maintain its performance in use and make it last longer. Consistently follow below points, and you’ll get much more use out of your Seascooter:

Always fully charge the battery immediately after purchase and every use.

If the unit is not used for extended periods, remove the battery from the unit and fully charge every month.

Never place the battery in a sealed container when charging.

Only use the charging base supplied with the SEADOO® SEASCOOTER™ you purchase.

To store the battery, remove it from the SEADOO® SEASCOOTER™, store it separately from the charging base and keep in a dry, cool place.

NEVER expose the battery to excessive heat or sunlight.

Always store your SEADOO® SEASCOOTER™ vertically when not in use to prevent deformation of the propeller nozzle.

Always rinse the SEADOO® SEASCOOTER™ in fresh water immediately after use, and allow it to dry before storage.

Do not use detergents; only use a damp cloth to wipe the unit clean. The battery housing interior should be kept dry at all times.

*Please take note of Battery safety warning on product and packaging.


Please take note of below preparations that must be made before travelling overseas with your SEADOO® SEASCOOTER™. All units are powered by maintenance-free, sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries (VRLA), which are generally exempt from hazardous goods regulations for the purpose of transportation by any means.

Always contact your carrier/airline prior to scheduling and ticketing, each individual carrier may have more restrictive policies.

Always carry a copy of the instruction manual and/or catalogue with you to explain the purpose and use of the battery and the Seascooter™, in case asked by terminal and carrier staff and/or customs.

Be aware that the "captain" always has the final word on items carried onto the aircraft/ship

The SEADOO® SEASCOOTER™ ONLY complies with all rules, bans, standards and regulations for consumer product safety and product quality that have been enforced by the local authorities at your point of purchase. Please contact your local distributor for more detailed information. The customer has the sole responsibility to enquire about rules and regulations concerning the use and transport of the SEADOO® SEASCOOTER™ for a country they wish to travel to. ALWAYS make sure you contact the distributor in the country you wish to travel to for more information.

SEADOO® SEASCOOTER™ bears no responsibility whatsoever if the customer fails to make enquiries with an authorized distributor BEFORE traveling with the SEADOO® SEASCOOTER™